Cortney Davis, coeditor of LEARNING TO HEAL and author of WHEN THE NURSE BECOMES A PATIENT

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rebekah on two books from Kent State University Press, a memoir and an anthology. Rebekah is thorough in her copyediting, attentive to the smallest details, clear and concise in her comments and suggestions and, also important, she has a wonderful sense of humor and the ability to bring peace and order to the most demanding editing processes. I’d say she’s an author’s best friend!”

Randy James, PhD, professor emeritus, The Ohio State University, College of Food, Agriculture & Environmental Sciences, author of WHY COWS LEARN DUTCH and WHY COWS NEED NAMES

“Hands down, one of the very best days in the entire writing process was when Kent State University Press asked Rebekah Cotton to edit the draft manuscript for my second book, Why Cows Need Names and More Secrets of Amish Farms. She is, of course, technically competent and professional. Through an ongoing back-and-forth dialogue she used her insights to help craft and polish the final manuscript. Her careful suggestions and corrections made the finished work vastly better. Best of all, the whole process was fun. She is a true joy to work with and I would recommend her to any author or aspiring author.”

David Finoli, author of CLASSIC BUCS and CLASSIC STEELERS

“I have written 15 books over the past 13 years and have worked with many fine copy editors, but without a doubt, the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with is Rebekah Cotton. She makes a painstaking effort to not only smooth out the text, making sure it flows well, but she does an incredible job with her fact checking. Her efforts have been incredibly valuable to the projects of mine that she has contributed to. I would highly recommend her to any author in search of a copy editor. Her efforts will ensure that they have a book they are proud of.”

Arthur Andrew Olson, author of FORGING THE “BEE LINE” RAILROAD, 1848–1889

“As a first-time author, I found it necessary to capitalize on Bekah’s breadth of knowledge regarding the mechanical aspects of book writing. Her grasp of the Chicago Manual of Style and thoroughness in its application to my writing, transformed my manuscript into a professionally crafted book. I will be forever thankful—and better informed—for her patient and astute feedback as I matured from an amateur writer to a book author. My sincere thanks for your dedicated effort on my behalf, Bekah.”


“Kent State University Press hired Rebekah Cotton to copyedit my book on the events that took place on May 4, 1970, on its campus. The book relates my experience as a photojournalist and student during that time. Rebekah provided the polish that helped make the book flow. Her expertise in making sure tenses were correct throughout the book and attention to details that are often missed by writers gave the book a better flow. Most importantly, she kept the book mine. She edited, made suggestions, asked questions, and improved my writing without changing my meaning or intent. She was always on deadline or ahead and made me feel what I was doing was important. While I don’t believe I will be writing another book, I would specifically ask for Rebekah to be my copy editor. It was a great experience and a learning one for me.”

Mary D. Young, Managing Editor, Kent State University Press

“Rebekah is a joy to work with, a true professional who always meets deadlines. She works well with our authors and cares a lot about every project she works on. Our authors enjoy working with her so much that many stay in contact with her after she is finished with their book. She is a skilled copy editor and proofreader and is especially adept at working on fiction, poetry, and creative works because she understands how to edit while preserving the author’s voice.”

Russell Schneider, author of CLEVELAND INDIANS LEGENDS

“Generally I don’t care much for copy editors, but Rebekah did a fine job on my book. I would seek her help again and recommend her to any writer.”

Debbie Root, Owner, Root Publishing

“Rebekah has been writing business newsletters for me for more than 20 years. She’s written about commercial roofing, personal finance, trucking, real estate, management, and much more. She understands exactly what our clients want and she delivers excellent content every time. Plus, she’s never missed a deadline in all those years!”